Rat Stick 3oz

Rat Stick 3oz

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In Southern California, it's not uncommon for rats to nibble on horse's hooves, heel bulbs and chestnuts. In addition to leaving little nibble marks, this can cause real damage. You don't want to use poison because it travels up and down the food chain, and bell boots on all fours won't block the nibblers. Rat Stick is made from all natural ingredients known to repel rodents, fight infection and provide relief for minor breaks in the skin. Safe if ingested.

To use, apply a light coat to the outer hoof, heel bulbs and chestnuts prior to turning your horse in for the night. Intended for use on hoof area. 

Ingredients*: grapeseed oil, castor seed oil, beeswax, herbs, essential oil blend.

"I started applying the rat-stick on my horses’ chestnuts and hooves after I rode them right before I put them home.  After a few days, I noticed that the rat bites were starting to heal.  After about 3 weeks their chestnuts and hooves were all healed and you could no longer see the rat bites. I also love your peppermint chap stick.  Thank you for such wonderful products that work so well!" Sarah Coker