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Rat Stick 3oz
Rat Stick 3oz

Rat Stick 3oz

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The original No-bite!, multi-purpose balm that discourages rats from nibbling! 

In Southern California, it's not uncommon for rats to nibble on horse's hooves, heel bulbs and chestnuts. In addition to leaving little nibble marks, this can cause real damage. You don't want to use poison because it travels up and down the food chain, and bell boots on all fours won't block the little nibblers. Rat Stick is made from all natural food grade ingredients that rodents don't like, thus helps guard against rats.

To use, apply a light coat directy where the rats are chewing. When applying to hoof bulbs and chestnuts, test for sensitivity first, and then apply a light coat to targetted area only, no need to overlap with surounding skin or lower leg as this will be a complete waste of product. Best applied in the evening since rats are nocturnal. For use on hoof area only. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Active Ingredients*: herbs, essential oil blend

“This is how the feet looked each morning no matter what I applied. Bloody. I treated with your Rat Stick and this is how they were the next morning!”  Carol ~ Testimonial from Fort Worth, Texas