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Muscle Spray 2 oz

Muscle Spray 2 oz

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Same as the big one, but in a convenient purse and travel size for you!

Great for use before and after working out to relax and settle the muscles to avoid muscle pain and cramping. Made with premium magnesium chloride, a 100% natural occurring mineral, and blended with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils known to quickly soothe and relieve muscle tension and strain through trans dermal absorption. A great way to supplement while completely avoiding the digestive tract. Any excess magnesium absorbed will simply be excreted. Apply where you need it, when you want it for immediate, direct results.                                               

To use, generously spray directly onto the desired area or into your hand and lightly massage into your skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Contact with abrasions will sting, just like salt in a wound, but will not harm. If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for your horse! Comes in a larger, 16 oz bottle, too. Keep a bottle in your shower for an efficient way to supplement when your riding extra hard. It will help you sleep, too!

Ingredients - magnesium oil, essential oil blend

"I just discovered Mary's new Muscle Spray and I love it! I've been dealing with shoulder pain for months and Mary's Muscle spray has given me hours of relief and allows me to do my work without pain. Thank you Mary!!"                                                                                Darcie Loescher, Owner, Sweet Relief Equine Massage