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Muscle Spray  16 oz
Muscle Spray  16 oz

Muscle Spray 16 oz

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Great for use before and after working out to settle the muscles for the best possible stride and to avoid muscle pain and cramping. Made with premium magnesium chloride, a 100% natural occurring mineral, and blended with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils known to quickly soothe and relieve muscle tension and strain through trans dermal absorption. A great way to supplement while completely avoiding the digestive tract. Any excess magnesium absorbed will simply be excreted.  Fosters and supports healthy muscles, tendons and bones. Apply where you need it, when you want it for immediate, direct results.                                                         

To use, brush your horse then generously spray desired area while massaging in with your hand or a rubber curry. Applying along the top line, neck and sacrum is particularly effective. Avoid contact with eyes. Contact with abrasions will sting a little, just like salt in a wound, but will not harm. Comes in a 16 ounce bottle with a sprayer. If it's good enough for your horse, it's good enough for you! Keep a bottle in your shower for an efficient way to supplement when your riding extra hard. It will help you sleep, too!

Ingredients* - magnesium oil, essential oil blend

*FEI & USEF Compliant

"I just discovered Mary's new Muscle Spray and I love it! I've been dealing with shoulder pain for months and Mary's Muscle spray has given me hours of relief and allows me to do my work without pain. Thank you Mary!!"                                                                    Darcie Loescher, Owner, Sweet Relief Equine Massage

* Why do horses need supplemental magnesium? Magnesium is needed directly for over 350 biochemical processes within the body, and is additionally involved in thousands of others. Magnesium is vital for energy production, metabolism of other minerals, regulation of blood sugars, maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, as well as strength of bones and teeth. The development of laminitis (also termed founder) is inflammation of the laminae of the foot – the soft tissue structures that attach the coffin or pedal bone of the foot to the hoof wall. It can be a direct result of magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium for horses is essential for hoof health, calm temperament, flexibility and better performance for working horses.