Hoof & Fungus Spray Concentrate  16 oz

Hoof & Fungus Spray Concentrate 16 oz

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Excellent remedy for thrush, white line and scratches. 

Shake concentrate well then mix with equal parts water ~ 1:1 ratio. To use, clean and dry area thoroughly, then spray generously over sole and frog, allowing excess to drip off. Do not rinse. For scratches and issues of fungus on the skin, spray directly on top to cover problem area. Should not sting or cause irritation. If sensitivity does occur, discontinue use. Use once daily until problem clears up. Use weekly as a preventative. Makes two full sized 16 oz bottles, or 32 ounces.

Actives: essential oil blend

"Your hoof and fungus spray is fantastic by the way! i was never able to get my mares fungus to go away even with medical grade shampoo but your spray has really gotten it under control!" Jaymie @jaymiesutton.eq