Hoof Paste - 8 oz ~ New Look!
Hoof Paste - 8 oz ~ New Look!

Hoof Paste - 8 oz ~ New Look!

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Effectively helps resolve and protect hooves from fungal and bacterial issues. Excellent remedy for thrush, white line and yeast, and makes a soothing protective barrier for common hoof contaminants.

To apply, pick out and clean hoof, then thinly coat problem areas, packing deep cracks and crevices. The activated charcoal draws out and adsorb toxins while premium, select essential oils combat fungus and bacteria. Zinc oxide protects the tissue from moisture and supports healthy tissue rejuvenation, and the added diatomaceous earth further absorbs toxins and moisture and kills parasites.

Reapply as needed - stays put overnight. Non-toxic, safe to touch. Safe if ingested. Recommend applying with one finger/latex glove for accuracy and for packing cracks and crevices. Begins to work on contact. Excellent preventative in wet conditions and for soothing and protecting hoofs post trim. Does not sting.

100% Natural Ingredients:  Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Diatomaceous Earth, Non Nano Zinc Oxide; Activated Charcoal, Beeswax, Antifungal Essential Oil Blend

The image of the treated hoof shows the hoof with thrush, the hoof with an application of Hoof Paste, and the hoof after 2 applications and a total of 4 days. Pictures compliments of happy horse Mom - Jessica Beemiller @jesbee52 Thank you, Jess!