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Herbal Hoof Oil  - 32 oz
Herbal Hoof Oil  - 32 oz
Herbal Hoof Oil  - 32 oz

Herbal Hoof Oil - 32 oz

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Made from 100% pure and natural plant derived ingredients ~ that's it! 

When hooves become excessively dry, especially during times of extreme, long-term drought, which is common in Southern California, Herbal Hoof Oil helps condition and replenish moisture. Just a little dab will do! Smells really good, too ~ but the bugs wont think so ~ Naturally!

Apply a light coat to the top of the outer hoof wall. May also apply to the bottom of the hoof to cover the sole, frog and all crevices. Shake well before each use. Wipe off the brush on the inside edge of the jar in order to let the excess oil drip off before applying to the hoof - a little dab will do and goes a long way! 

Petroleum Free/Chemical Free/Tar free/ Purple free                            

Ingredients: coconut, castor, grapeseed and sunflower oils, vegetable glycerin, and a proprietary essential oil blend. Comes with a brush cap.   USEF & FEI Compliant