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Fly Stick 3 oz-Mary's Botanicals
Fly Stick 3 oz-Mary's Botanicals

Fly Stick 3 oz

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Great for keeping flies off! Stays put and lasts much longer than fly spray to repel flying insects. Naturally soothes itches and promotes healthy skin. Try it on yourself!

This solid push-up stick is perfect for direct and easy application to your horse’s face and around his eyes to repel flies as needed, or apply daily to skin irritations for use as a healthful treatment for sweet itch, bug bites and rashes. Made from a naturally antimicrobial botanical and essential oil blend that is safe even if it gets on food or feed. No petroleum, pyrethrins or added chemicals of any kind. For horses, dogs and riders - great for trail rides and other outdoor activities. Goes on clear. Re-apply as needed.

Ingredients*: grapeseed oil, beeswax, select essential oil blend.


"My horses and I are both so grateful that I discovered Mary's Botanicals Fly Stick. It is the only thing that they, not only don't object to, they actually enjoy it when I rub it on their face and around their eyes. The flies and gnats are the only ones that don't like it. When I rub the balm on my horses and on myself, we stay fly and gnat free for hours. I absolutely love it and use it daily. My friends love it too!" Jeri Waltz