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Fly Spray  32 oz
Fly Spray 32 oz-Mary's Botanicals

Fly Spray 32 oz

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Made from proven, effective, natural and food grade ingredients to repel flies, gnats and mosquitoes. This specially formulated blend of pure essential oils listed by the EPA as effective, minimal risk pesticides is mixed with skin loving, food grade botanical oils, white vinegar and vegetable glycerin, all safe for your horse, your dog, and you to use. Unlike many natural  fly sprays, ours contains NO pyrethrins (chrysanthemum), geraniol (geranium) which are known to be common allergens, and often the main active ingredient found in "natural" fly sprays. 

Comes with a spray nozzle.                              

Show Safe! Safe if Ingested! Safe for dogs! Safe for Riders!

To use, shake well (no chemical mixers, either!) and spray on your brushed horse. Apply by hand to the face. Try it on yourself! Made for use on horses, dogs and riders.

Ingredients*: water; essential oil blend; white vinegar; sunflower oil; vegetable glycerin


"Mary's Botanicals are the only fly control products that I trust on foaling mares and newborn foals. It is important to me that they are safe and pure and natural with no harmful chemicals."   Tish Quirk

California Professional Horsemen's Association Lifetime Achievement Award and the USEF Breeders Cup Award    Visit  tishquirk.horse

"This Fly Spray works! I'm allergic to citronella, so I was thrilled to find a natural fly spray that doesn't contain it. The spray smells so nice that my mare and I both relax as soon as it's being sprayed, and the spray nozzle is awesome as well. Can't say enough good things about this product"   Kat Beuaulieu