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Fly Lotion  8 oz

Fly Lotion 8 oz

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This super lightweight, non-greasy fly lotion is made from 100% plant derived ingredients known to repel flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Smells good, feels good, spreads and absorbs easily! All without any added wax or oily residue. No gloves necessary to apply this Fly Lotion! Made for horses, dogs and riders to use. Avoid getting into eyes. A little goes long way! 

USEF compliant. Does not contain petroleum, cedar wood, lavender, citronella, soy, pyrethrins, or any other inadmissible or known common allergen to horses.

Active Ingredients: essential oil blend. 

Testimonial from @lifewithlunia ~ "It goes on so smooth and doesn't cling weird to their fur! I love the way it smells and the flies totally stayed away. I also love that it doesn't leave residue on me as well! She (Lunia) was very interested and sniffed it happily and it kept the flies away the whole time I was out with her for like two hours until I had to leave! I’m sure it worked even longer."

Testimonial from @ucdeventing ~ "The Fly Lotion is fantastic! One of our horses is really sensitive and had really bad hives. After maybe 2 uses they've almost completely disappeared!"