Fly Balm  8 oz

Fly Balm 8 oz

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An 8 ounce soft blend version of the FLY STICK, more suitable for use on the body. Non-petroleum, 100% all natural, perfect for sweet itch, bug bites, rashes, minor abrasions and keeping the bugs off. Made from nutrient rich, antimicrobial botanical and essential oils combined with beeswax which, unlike petroleum based products (SWAT), is breathable and won't lock in germs. Fly Balm does not contain pyrethrins or any other synthetic additive or chemical. Apply a thin coating daily or as needed directly on to your horse’s skin irritation for healthful relief. Keeps flies off and soothes itches, naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, and stays put. Try it on yourself! PFor horses, dogs and riders. Goes on clear.

Active Ingredients: select essential oil blend.


"I work with horses at a therapeutic riding facility. The flies around the barn are relentless and really cause our horses to have very itchy bellies. We use Mary's Botanicals Fly Balm on the bellies of our horses and have noticed a huge improvement in their skin conditions. We use this product several times a week and will continue to do so because we notice significant positive effects." Kaitlyn Siewert, REINS Therapeutic Riding Facility