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Equine Sun Spray 16 oz ~ NEW!

Equine Sun Spray 16 oz ~ NEW!

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Made with 100% natural non-nano zinc oxide ~ one of the most effective sun protectors available. Blocks both UVA rays and UVB rays and repels flies!. To use, brush the dust off your horse, shake bottle well, then twist to the spray option on the nozzle and spray a light coat directly onto desired areas of your horses coat/body. Let dry in place. Best not to brush or rub it in. Goes on white. Comes with a sprayer. *MB Equine Sunblock makes a better choice for using on the face, available in a 3 oz twist up stick and an 8 oz jar.  

Ing: Water, 15% non-nano zinc oxide (a naturally occurring mineral), essentail oil blend. As wth all topical applications, best to test a small area first.  USEF/FEI show safe

*Free from toxic suncare ingredients such as: benzene, octocrylene and avobenzone