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Soap-Curry ~  4 oz

Soap-Curry ~ 4 oz

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Small, soft rubber curry that's perfect for sensitive areas and smaller pets! Simple, fun and effective one step way to soap up and scrub your four legged clean! This solidified detergent free oatmeal soap embedded on a soft rubber curry comb is made with your best friends in mind. Cleans with gentle, moisturizing, natural ingredients that effectively work and smell good! Great for spot cleaning your horse and giving your wiggly dog a one-handed bath.

To use, thoroughly wet skin and fur with water, scrub all over with the Soap~Curry, then rinse off! No bucket required. Slip free, fun and easy to use! Comes with a lightweight mesh bag for storage.

Ing: Detergent Free Oatmeal Soap; Essential Oil Blend