Boot & Helmet Spray  2 oz
Boot & Helmet Spray  2 oz

Boot & Helmet Spray 2 oz

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Effectively deodorizes by eliminating odors caused by sweat. And it smells so good, naturally! For use inside stinky boots, shoes, helmets and gloves. Made with a powerful, proprietary blend of anti-fungal and antibacterial essential oils that effectively get rid of germs and the odor they cause. Makes head and footwear fresh smelling and germ-free. Great for use on sports gear exposed to sweat.  To use, spray 3 - 4 times to lightly cover entire inside surface of your dry boot, shoe or helmet. A little goes a long way! Let completely dry before wearing. Contains approximately 400 sprays, which equals over 100 applications ~ I promise! Unlike aerosol cans, there is very little wasted product and no chemical propellant. Dries quickly.

Stubborn odors may initially require two applications. Re-apply after wearing your gear to maintain fresh, germ free apparel. May stain white fabric. Safe to spray on leather.

Active ingredients: Essential Oil Blend.   

Tested and Approved by Troxel Riding Helmets R&D Engineer  ~ Confirmed the spray will not deteriorate their liner, helmet finish or EPS liner 

"Mary, I am in LOVE with your Boot & Helmet spray! This stuff is absolutely AMAZING and has a wonderful cinnamon residual smell to boot. This magic spray also worked wonderfully to remove the bad smell from my riding gloves. Thank you Mary!!!"   Lauren Tutill