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Bit-Stick .5 oz (2 Sticks)-Mary's Botanicals
Bit-Stick .5 oz (2 Sticks)-Mary's Botanicals

Bit-Stick .5 oz

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Like lip balm for you horse, Bit-Stick moisturizes, protects, softens and soothes the corners and small abrasions of your horses mouth with mildly anti-fungal, nutrient rich, plant oils blended with pure beeswax. A touch of peppermint essential oil provides added healing and repellent properties with a light flavor and scent to boot! Use often as needed. Safe if ingested. No petroleum; chemical free.

*FEI & USEF Compliant

"I've only used the Bit-Stick on George for two days now and I can already see a difference! And he loves it!" Sydney Murdock and George (Pacificlone2)