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Bit, Spur & Iron Scrub 10 oz

Bit, Spur & Iron Scrub 10 oz

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Keep your metal gear looking like new with this non-toxic, easy to use cleanser. Gently scrubs off built up goop and removes tarnish from metal and copper. Made with all natural food grade ingredients, so you don't have to worry about touching it, inhaling it or even eating it! Makes it fun, believe it or not, to clean those bits quickly and easily and you'll love the results. For daily use and for cleaning old metal that needs some attention. Naturally antimicrobial to disinfect. 

To use, shake well to maintain consistent moisture, then directly apply to the surface, rubbing off grime and tarnish with your hands, using a toothbrush for hard to get to places. No need for gloves or ventilation! Rinse off with water and dry with a rag. 

Ing: food grade minerals; vinegar; essential oil blend