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Air Freshener  2 oz

Air Freshener 2 oz

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Destroys the evidence - if you catch my drift! ;) A super air freshening, non-aerosol spray made with a blend of essential oils that destroys bad odors and replaces them with a delightful one. Also provides antiviral, antifungal and even antibiotic properties as it freshens the air. The alcohol base dilutes and blends the essential oils in the room spray and helps the scent molecules to disperse in the air. Made at the request of one of our wonderful customers who loves using our Fly Spray on her horses! :) This is my husband's favorite - and he isn't into essential oils! HA! No phthalates, benzene, chlorides, ammonium, formaldehyde, colorants, detergents, artificial fragrance, sorbitan, isosbutane, propane, propylene glycol or any of these ingredients found in Lysol and Glade. 

Ingredients: Isospropyl alcohol; essential oil blend