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Boot & Helmet Spray  2 oz
Boot & Helmet Spray  2 oz

Boot & Helmet Spray 2 oz

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The original little squirt the really works! And it smells so good, naturally! No more helmet hair! For use inside stinky boots, shoes, helmets and gloves ~ tested & approved by Troxel Helmet Co. product R&D engineers who confirmed that it will not harm the inner lining or protective padding in your helmet.  And don't let the size fool you! This concentrated, quick drying spray works without adding more moisture to the problem. 

To use, spray 2 or 3 times to lightly cover the inside surface of your boot, shoe or helmet. A little goes a long way! Let dry before wearing - which will only take a few minutes. Contains approximately 400 sprays, which equals way over 100 applications. Unlike aerosol cans, there is very little wasted product and no chemical propellant. Dries quickly.

Stubborn odors may initially require two applications. It is best to apply after wearing your gear to allow drying time and plus this will make your tack box smell amazing!. May stain white fabric/sheep skin. Safe to spray on leather. Not intended for direct use on skin.

Active ingredients: Essential Oil Blend.   

Tested and Approved by Troxel Riding Helmets R&D Engineer  ~ Confirmed the spray will not deteriorate their liner, helmet finish or EPS liner 

"Mary, I am in LOVE with your Boot & Helmet spray! This stuff is absolutely AMAZING and has a wonderful cinnamon residual smell to boot. This magic spray also worked wonderfully to remove the bad smell from my riding gloves. Thank you Mary!!!"   Lauren Tutill