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Dog+Aide Stick  .5 oz
Dog+Aide Stick .5 oz-Mary's Botanicals

Dog+Aide Stick .5 oz

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The original No-Lick! multi-purpose first aide stick for dogs that discourages licking yet safe if ingested. It's a soothing, naturally antibacterial healing balm for skin irritations, bug bites, scrapes and rashes that stops itching, repels insects and promotes new fur growth. The application is simple and mess-free, with a pleasant, mild scent. There is no scary spray, wasted product or overpowering odor, and it's easily applied to hard to get places like in between itchy paw pads and inside ear flaps. Dogs love it because it works!

To use, simply apply directly to the skin where the problem is. If the area is moist or dirty, clean and dry off before application. Use daily as needed. Do not use on your dog's eyes, nose, inner ear canal or mucus membrane. 

Ingredients: grapeseed oil, select essential oil blend, beeswax and herbs. 

 "My dog Sparky had a red streak - stress outbreak - down his tail and rear end. I used the stick (DOG+AIDE) liberally several times a day for one day and one night and the redness is completely gone. I'm so happy to be the testimonial for this product. It really works! Thanks so much!"   Mary Knight, owner of Noah's Natural Pet, Pacific Beach, CA

"...it has really helped my dog Romeo (in picture) HUGELY when he sometimes obsessively licks his paws or has a small rash from the harness."  Sheena D., Los Angeles, CA