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Looking Forward to a Happy 2020!

For 2020 I’m resolving to choose a positive mindset. Thoughts are where it all begins. Positive thoughts produce positive actions, positive words, positive energy, positive attitudes, positive feelings, positive health, positive outcomes...and negative thoughts…. well, you know. What I allow myself to think is a decision that affects all that I do. It all begins there, with countless fresh choices throughout the day. Sometimes if I'm overwhelmed, or bored, or (and mostly) if my feelings get hurt, I take the downward path ~ assuming the worst case, worrying about what is (or isn't) going to happen, and just sort of rolling negative scenarios over...and over...and over... in my brain, choosing to stay stuck in the negative, what-if-this-or-that, fearful muck of...

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Mary's Botanicals: Yes Please! by Shelli Wright EQLUXE Editor-In-Chief

Over Christmas I was given a little travel kit with a  lovely super scented assortment of natural products by Mary's Botanicals designed for the horse and rider. Let’s just say, I’m addicted to the peppermint lip balm, the OTTB loves his muscle spray and my entryway now smells like a wonderful clove induced wonderland as opposed to an equestrian mud room. Mary’s B won my heart immediately so I was especially excited to try some more products. All of Mary’s products are researched and natural based with infinite avenues for applications and can be used on horses, humans and even for your canine friends. A perfect example of their application crossovers would by my big white face horse, Mr. Cash, somehow...

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Benefits of Magnesium Oil

Involved in over 300 enzyme systems, magnesium is essential for the absorption of important vitamins and minerals. It’s also responsible for regulating liver, muscle and heart functioning. Magnesium deficiency can lead to issues such as severe muscle pain, disease of the skeletal muscles and an irregular heartbeat. Magnesium is a key mineral supplement that is lost through sweat, stress, anxiety, fear, injuries, and diets with grains containing phytic acid in their outer layer, which can bind to certain nutrients in the gut and block their absorption. However, ingesting too much magnesium can cause diarrhea. Magnesium activates cellular energy, facilitates muscle health, relieves muscle pain and inflammation, reduces cramps, relaxes and balances the nervous system to help counter stress, helps remove toxins and metals...

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Devynn's Blog Post About Mary's Botanicals From The Blue-Eyed-Equestrian

MARY’S BOTANICALS March 28, 2018 I was originally introduced to Mary’s Botanicals over a year ago at American Horse Products in San Juan Capistrano. I was checking out and as most stores do, they have a few small products placed on the checkout counter. Obviously, stores do this to entice you to purchase other items, so they place it right in front of you to ponder about while waiting in line. I fell into that very smart trap. I ride in my helmet every day and sometimes for hours a day, so of course, after awhile, it gets gross, smelly, and very sweaty. I saw this little spray bottle on the counter titled “boot and helmet”. I read the bottle...

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