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Mulatto Meadows ~ Horses Make a Difference

Horses put up mirrors to our souls, allowing us to view and evaluate ourselves in an ever forgiving, non-judgmental way. I find it very interesting how we, as people, tend to build from nothing. We take few, and turn it into many. Slave owners gave us butcher scraps, and we turned it into soul food. We take our pain and sorrows and turn it into beautiful works of art and music. We can take a word that has a derogatory history and turn it into something we instead associate with beauty. I take horses that are not worth anything to anyone, and turn them into something useful, so that they may have a chance at a consistent, long positive life. ​Horses...

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Uryadi's Village - Horses Make a Difference

Uryadi’s Village is named in honor of founder Jennifer Crooks' longtime partner in the sport of Equestrian Show Jumping ~ "Uryadi” ~ a beautiful white mare with the heart of a lion. Jennifer, a veteran rider in the international equestrian world, and her team at Uryadi's Village, seek to change the world for others through establishing self sustaining orphan villages with comprehensive care for orphans through empowering the local people and thus not be reliant on foreign aid.  The ultimate vision is to help ensure that each target orphanage and their communities have access to clean water and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, excellent medical care, quality educational opportunities and economic stability. Through collaboration of international experts and local community leaders, phase one of the first...

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