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Waterproof~Hoof 8 & 16 oz

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Made to provide a natural moisture barrier for outer hoof walls during excessive exposure to wet conditions. Premium, water-resistant pine resin, food grade oil, beeswax and a touch of our proven fungal fighting essential oil blend combine to keep outside moisture and germs off and out of your horses' hoof wall.  Waterproof-Hoof is an easily spreadable balm that provides a light, temporary barrier from wet conditions, urine and germs for use on the outer hoof wall and just inside the inner hoof wall along the white line. 

To use, clean the hoof wall and white line. May use the Hoof Wash to help flush away germs and debris. Let hoof dry or wipe dry. Using a finger or rag, apply a thin, even coat to cover the outer hoof wall and under hoof area along the white line. Reapply daily during excessive wet conditions, then as needed to maintain a protective barrier against moisture. Applied before bathing can also prevent water from getting into the nail holes, potentially causing an expansion and contraction effect that could loosen the nails. Regular washing of horses affects the hooves since water weakens the hoof keratin

Ing: Food grade oil, Pine Tar, Beeswax, Essential Oils

For existing thrush or fungal issues on live tissue, apply the Hoof & Fungus Spray.

For dry conditions, the Herbal Hoof Oil provides absorbable moisture for dry hooves. 

The Hoof Paste is excellent for long lasting protection and treatment inside hoof crevices for thrush and fungus and as a preventative.