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Puppy Nose Balm  .15 oz
Puppy Nose Balm .15 oz-Mary's Botanicals

Puppy Nose Balm .15 oz

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Great for dry, cracked, crusty noses, lip folds and sensitive skin. Made from mild, naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and easily absorbed oils loaded with skin renewing vitamins A & E. Water resistant beeswax helps keep it in place while the oils moisturize, repair and soothe. Unlike petroleum based balms, beeswax is "breathable," meaning it will not trap in germs. Provides natural protection from the elements. Thoughtfully scent free and safe if ingested. May be used on cats as there are no essential oils.

Ingredients: grapeseed oil, rose hip seed oil, and beeswax. No essential oils.

"My now older puppy-girl, Sadie, tends to have very dry outer "lips" in the corners of her mouth from dried food and playing in the dirt. Plus, she's never been a big drinker. This balm was made with dry, cracked noses in mind, but is an excellent solution for this problem, too. Since it is basically scent free and very gentle, it does not irritate her in any way and she lets me put it on her with out squirming, and so prevents cracked lips. I think underneath her kick-a** exterior, she's a bit of a girly-girl. Love her!"  Mary Quinn - yes, I'm writing my own testimonial :)