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Li'l Red Rat-Oil  8 oz

Li'l Red Rat-Oil 8 oz

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An effective, liquid oil version of our Rat-Stick without the beeswax added. This rat repelling oil does double duty as a moisturizer for dry, rat prone, outer hoof walls and also guards against bacteria. The sturdy, absorbant dauber attached to the cap makes it easy to lightly apply a thin coat where needed. Best to apply just below and along the coronary band, which is where rats usually prefer to chew. May also be applied to hoof bulbs and chestnuts. Do not overlap or apply onto non rat prone areas as this will be a complete waste of product. Rat-Oil is 100% natural, food grade, and powerfully made to ward off rats without harming them or your horse. As with all topical products, use with care and test a small area first before applying to soft tissue.