HORSE BUNDLE - Fly Spray 32 oz plus your choice of  one 16 oz Horse Care Product

HORSE BUNDLE - Fly Spray 32 oz plus your choice of one 16 oz Horse Care Product

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Includes one Fly Spray 32 oz; plus your choice of one of the following ~ Velvet Coat Spray 16 oz; Muscle Spray 16 oz; Hoof Spray 16 oz
  • FLY SPRAY ~ Made from proven, effective, natural and food grade ingredients to repel flies, gnats and mosquitoes. This specially formulated blend of pure essential oils listed by the EPA as effective, minimal risk pesticides is mixed with skin loving, food grade botanical oils, white vinegar and vegetable glycerin, all safe for your horse, your dog, and you to use. USEF Approved.
  • VELVET COAT SPRAY ~ You'll love this conditioning spray so much you'll want to use it, too! And you can! Makes your horse's coat, mane and tail feel smooth, hydrated and velvety! Naturally and mildly antibacterial and anti-fungal. Smells wonderful, but the flies won't like it! For use on wet or dry fur, mane, tail and hair. To use, simply spray and brush in as you go. Comes with a sturdy nozzle.
  • MUSCLE SPRAY ~ Great for use before and after working out to settle the muscles for the best possible stride and to avoid muscle pain and cramping. Made withpremium magnesium chloride, a 100% natural occurring mineral, and blended with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils known to quickly soothe and relieve muscle tension and strain through trans dermal absorption. A great way to supplement while completely avoiding the digestive tract. Any excess magnesium absorbed will simply be excreted.  Fosters and supports healthy muscles, tendons and bones. Apply where you need it, when you want it for immediate, direct results.     
  • HOOF SPRAY ~ A powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial spray that effectively combats germs that invade the hoof area and lower legs. Made with natural plant oils that do not harm the skin or the beneficial inner ecology of the hoof, and, just as importantly, bacteria and fungus do not develop a resistance to them. Provides a soothing, effective treatment for thrush, white line disease and scratches.