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Hoof Spray  16 oz

Hoof Spray 16 oz

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A powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial spray that provides a soothing, effective treatment to quicky eliminate thrush, white line and yeast. Naturaly powerful ingredients combine to combat germs that invade the hoof without harming the skin or the beneficial inner ecology of the hoof, and, just as importantly, bacteria and fungus do not develop a resistance to them. 

To use, thoroughly pick out and clean the hoof. Shake bottle well, then spray directly and generously to cover the entire inside surface including the frog and sole, bukbs and grooves, making sure not to miss any crevices and allowing excess to drip off. Works on contact. Leave it on; do not rinse off. Use once daily until condition clears. Adding a light spray along the coronary band further promotes healing. Should not cause irritation. If sensitivity does occur, discontinue use.

Ingredients*: water, white vinegar, essential oil blend (already mixed and ready for use)

 "This was the only one that worked for my mare's persistent fungus! It was all over all four of her legs, it was getting so bad it was creeping up onto her hindquarters! I was washing her everyday with fungus shampoo to no avail - we were getting tons of rain and it was still cold so it wouldn't dry out. I was absolutely amazed, after one or two applications of your spray it was no longer active! I will keep it on hand always from now on!" ~ Kerry G., New Orleans, LA