Hoof-Hole-Helper     3 oz CREAM
Hoof-Hole-Helper     3 oz CREAM

Hoof-Hole-Helper 3 oz CREAM

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Hoof-Hole-Helper provides a gentle, soft, pliable, antibacterial barrier for minor cracks and blemishes of the hoof.  Made from all natural, vitamin rich, fungal fighting, antibacterial ingredients blended with breathable beeswax to lock in the good moisture while keeping out water, dirt and environmental irritants (urine). Helps protect vulnerable areas of your horse's hoof, and stays put longer than rigid fillers without trapping in germs. 

Easy application with this solid push-up stick with a clay-like consistency. Packs easily and stays in place within existing wall cracks, wall defects, old nail holes, and hoof wall separations for extended periods of time.To use, clean off hoof and apply directly on problem spots, using your finger to fill in nail holes and small cracks.  Naturally and gently anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antimicrobial. Reapply as needed - Your choice of cream colored or black. 

*Ingredients for cream colored Hoof-Hole-Helper: beeswax, castor seed oil, grapeseed oil, zinc oxide, rose hip seed oil, select essential oil blend.

*FEI & USEF Compliant