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Flea Spray 16 oz
Flea Spray 16 oz

Flea Spray 16 oz

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Effectively combats and repels fleas, flies, gnats and mosquitoes. Pleasant smelling, naturally effective and really does work! So safe you can squirt yourself, too! Loaded with premium aloe and essential oils to soothe skin and repel insects at the same time. 

To Use: spray your dog all over and all under, pushing his/her fur back against its natural lay with your opposite hand as you go. Carefully apply to the face by hand. Avoid getting into eyes. Apply before and after exposure to insects. 

Kills fleas on direct contact. Safe for use on dogs, horses and people. Not recommended for cats.**

Active Ing: essential oil blend*

*does not contain cedarwood, lavender or tea tree oils. No artificial anything - no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) No artificial fragrance. No Geraniol and No Pyrethrins.

** Not recommended for use on cats. Cats have a different skin thickness and lick a lot - anything that gets into their sensitive digestive system and that is not part of their natural diet spectrum is stored in the liver. If they have too much stored in the liver it may compromise their health and immune system, even though the ingredients in and of themselves are not harmful. Some people use essential oils on their cats, and I might if I had one. But to be on the safe side, I do not recommend it.