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Boot & Helmet Spray 1 oz
Boot & Helmet Spray 1 oz-Mary's Botanicals

Boot & Helmet Spray 1 oz

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Effectively eliminates odors and germs caused by sweat and moisture with just a few little squirts! This powerful, concentrated freshener is highly anti-fungal, inhibits mold, smells really good and lasts a long time with over 200 instant freshening sprays per bottle. Don't let the size fool you! The larger products out there contain added water, which increases drying time and dilutes the active ingredients (Lysol, Charles Owen, Moss, Fabreze). Plus aerosols contain and emit added toxic chemicals. This is one case where less is more, and quality over quantity is better. Much better.

To Use, simply apply a few light squirts inside your boot, helmet or other sports garment and let dry for a few minutes before wearing. For best results apply when garment is dry. You'll love it because it really does work! Dries quickly and is safe for use on smooth leather. NO MORE STINKY FEET OR HELMET HAIR! ;)

Active ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol; Essential Oil Blend.   

Tested and Approved by Troxel Riding Helmets R&D Engineer  ~ Confirmed the spray will not deteriorate their liner, helmet finish or EPS liner