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Velvet Coat Spray  16 oz

Velvet Coat Spray 16 oz

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You'll love this conditioning spray so much you'll want to use it, too! And you can! Makes your horse's coat, mane and tail feel smooth, hydrated and velvety! Naturally and mildly antibacterial and anti-fungal. Smells wonderful, but the flies won't like it! For use on wet or dry fur, mane, tail and hair. To use, simply spray and brush in as you go. Comes with a sturdy nozzle.

Ing: plant oils in a blend of aloe juice, white vinegar and water. No chemicals or artificial fragrance. All USEF compliant ingredients.

"The new coat spray is a WIN!!!!! Smells amazing and just got my absolutely filthy horse sparkling clean!" ~ Emma Weinert, Arroyo Del Mar

"Everyone loves the coat conditioner. I LOVE it!  It leaves a great oily film on the coat that saturates in. It's lovely. One of my girls walked in and said what the heck is that smell? I could put it all over my body!" ~ Nicki Mathen, Copper Hill Show Jumpers, Austin, TX