Velvet-Coat Concentrate 16 oz
Velvet-Coat Concentrate 16 oz

Velvet-Coat Concentrate 16 oz

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Makes your horse's coat, mane and tail feel smooth, hydrated and velvety! Economical concentrate conditioner for a beautiful, healthy coat, mane & tail - just mix it with equal parts water! Adds shine, moisture and a wonderfully velvet smoothness.  Naturally anti-fungal, smells great, and flies don't like it!  Makes 2 regular 16 oz bottles. For use on wet or dry fur, mane, tail and hair. To use, simply spray and brush in as you go. Does not come with a spray nozzle.

Active Ing: essential oil blend; hydrsols, and plant oils  No chemicals or artificial fragrance. All USEF compliant ingredients.

"Everyone loves the coat conditioner. I LOVE it!  It leaves a great oily film on the coat that saturates in. It's lovely. One of my girls walked in and said what the heck is that smell? I could put it all over my body!" ~ Nicki Mathen, Copper Hill Show Jumpers, Austin, TX

"I love the Mary's Botanicals Velvet Coat Spray to moisturize and condition your horses coat, which is on"Mia" in the picture." ~ Keelari, Equestrian YouTuber, Area VI Eventer

To use ~ Shake well. Mix 1:1, one part mix:one part water.
No silicone, chemicals or artificial fragrance. Makes 2 regular 16 oz bottles.

Ings: aloe vera, white vinegar, essential oil blend, oat protein, sunflower oil, caster oil

"The new coat spray is a WIN!!!!! Smells amazing and just got my absolutely filthy horse sparkling!" ~ Emma Weinert, Australian International Grand Prix Dressage Rider