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Herbal Hoof Oil  32 oz ~ New Size!
Herbal Hoof Oil  32 oz ~ New Size!

Herbal Hoof Oil 32 oz ~ New Size!

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Restores moisture and promotes healthy hoof growth. Naturally and effectively anti-fungal and antibacterial for fighting thrush. 

When hooves become excessively dry, especially during times of extreme, long-term drought, which is common in Southern California, Herbal Hoof Oil helps protect the hooves and replenish the moisture lost. This blend of moisturizing plant oils with anti-fungal properties is intended for eliminating brittleness of horses' hooves without making them soft or spongy. Just a little dab will do! Naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial. Perfect for combating thrush and other bacterial, yeast and fungal conditions that invade the underside of the hoof. Repels insects and smells really good, too ~ Naturally!

Apply a light coat to the top of the outer hoof wall along the coronary band to restore moisture, strengthen and promote healthy hoof growth. Apply daily to the bottom of the hoof to cover the sole, frog and all crevices to combat thrush. Shake well before each use.                                               

Ingredients: nutrient rich plant sourced ingredients. Comes with a brush cap.