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Fly Spray Concentrate - 16 oz
Fly Spray Concentrate - 16 oz

Fly Spray Concentrate - 16 oz

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Concentrated, economical version of our regular Fly Spray -  Makes 2 full sized 32 ounce bottles (2 quarts or 1/2 gallon). Simply add water. If you want a variation or an extra potent blend, mix with some white vinegar. Does not include sprayer. 

Directions: Mix 1 part concentrate with 3 parts water (or white vinegar) 1:3 ratio ~ concentrate mix to water/white vinegar

*Ingredients: white vinegar; essential oil blend;  sunflower oil; vegetable glycerin


"Mary's Botanicals are the only fly control products that I trust on foaling mares and newborn foals. It is important to me that they are safe and pure and natural with no harmful chemicals."   Tish Quirk  (this colt in the picture is one Tish bred and delivered ~ wish he were mine!)

California Professional Horsemen's Association Lifetime Achievement Award and the USEF Breeders Cup Award    Visit  tishquirk.horse

"This Fly Spray works! I'm allergic to citronella, so I was thrilled to find a natural fly spray that doesn't contain it. The spray smells so nice that my mare and I both relax as soon as it's being sprayed, and the spray nozzle is awesome as well. Can't say enough good things about this product"   Kat Beuaulieu

Love your products! These have now become the only fly repellent I will use on my two horses. The horses smell amazing, today was hot and there were a lot of flies in the horse stall. Had put the products on both of them ad didn't see any flies on them and didn't see or hear them stomping which is super important to me since I try my best to ensure my two never have cracked or chipped hooves from stomping flies. Thanks! ~ Toni C.,  Flemington NJ