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Ironically, just last month an equestrian friend asked if I made hand sanitizer. She said she used it at the barn daily, but didn't like how it dried her hands out. She was wondering if I made a moisturizing hand sanitizer. So I started experimenting, trying to duplicate the gel type consistency. In order to get the optimum alcohol, anti-viral  and skin moisturizing oils I wanted to add, the blend became thinner and more suitable as a spray. I decided to omit the usual aloe gel and replaced it with botanical oils that have germ fighting, protective and moisturizing attributes. The result is a light weight, fast drying spray that leaves a very subtle moisturizing coating on your skin. Once the...

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Mary's Botanicals: Yes Please! by Shelli Wright EQLUXE Editor-In-Chief

Over Christmas I was given a little travel kit with a  lovely super scented assortment of natural products by Mary's Botanicals designed for the horse and rider. Let’s just say, I’m addicted to the peppermint lip balm, the OTTB loves his muscle spray and my entryway now smells like a wonderful clove induced wonderland as opposed to an equestrian mud room. Mary’s B won my heart immediately so I was especially excited to try some more products. All of Mary’s products are researched and natural based with infinite avenues for applications and can be used on horses, humans and even for your canine friends. A perfect example of their application crossovers would by my big white face horse, Mr. Cash, somehow...

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