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Looking Forward to a Happy 2020!

For 2020 I’m resolving to choose a positive mindset. Thoughts are where it all begins. Positive thoughts produce positive actions, positive words, positive energy, positive attitudes, positive feelings, positive health, positive outcomes...and negative thoughts…. well, you know. What I allow myself to think is a decision that affects all that I do. It all begins there, with countless fresh choices throughout the day.

Sometimes if I'm overwhelmed, or bored, or (and mostly) if my feelings get hurt, I take the downward path ~ assuming the worst case, worrying about what is (or isn't) going to happen, and just sort of rolling negative scenarios over...and over...and over... in my brain, choosing to stay stuck in the negative, what-if-this-or-that, fearful muck of unpleasant uncertainty. Negative voices are always the loudest, but you don't have to keep listening to them. 

This little gem comes to mind: 

Resentment is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die. Credited to the actress Carrie Fisher, the statesman Nelson Mandela and author Bert Ghezzi 

You only hurt yourself when you entertain or harbor negative thoughts ~ we carry this poison at risk to ourselves. You always have the choice to simply let it go. Mulling over negative thoughts and revisiting things that I can't change is a total waste of time, everyone’s most valuable and most priceless commodity. That's why rearview mirrors are so small - intended for a quick peek every now and then to help us go forward. But if we look at what’s behind too long, stay focused on it, we miss out on all that's ahead. What we focus our attention on gets magnified.

Letting go of past disappointments and taking the upward path of a positive mindset squelches nagging negativity and replaces it with hopeful anticipation. When in doubt, think up. Expect the best for yourself and of others. I'm looking forward to fully enjoying all that life has to offer, one day at a time, in 2020. Happy New Year!

*That's a picture of my friend, Carol, sharing some of her journal entries one day at REINS Therapeutic Horsemanship Program in Fallbrook, CA. We all have our own unique challenges - even those around us that don't look like they do. Sometimes their battles are the toughest kinds. Be thoughtful when you speak, because words are the most powerful tool and gift everyone has.