Keelari - Eventer & Equestrian YouTuber - on Mary's Botanicals Fly Balm and Fly Lotion

I’ve been using the Fly Lotion and Fly Balm now for 3 weeks on my mega-sensitive ottb gelding, Amaretto. He gets seasonal contact allergies (Pollen contact when he lays down) which appear as hives along his belly and outer legs. This is the third year in a row he has developed these hives. And this is the first year I was able to get rid of the hives within a week of applying Mary's Fly Balm and Fly Lotion!
The Fly Lotion did an amazing job at soothing his skin and reducing the inflammation from the itchy hives. The Fly Balm helped to create a lasting barrier between his skin and and pollen. As an added bonus, it kept the flies away too! The combination of these two products was a game changer for Amaretto. I was able to apply both products every couple days along his belly and watch the hives disappear within the week! Normally, I’d have to apply expensive creams which would take up to 3 weeks to achieve the same effect. The Fly Lotion and Fly Balm not only got rid of the hives, the continued application of the Fly Lotion has prevented any further outbreaks. I have loved all the products I’ve tried from Mary and I’m happy to report, the Fly Balm and Fly Lotion did not disappoint! These will forever be a staple in my horse’s daily routine. Thank you, Mary, for formulating these awesome products that have greatly improved the life of my boy. ❤️