Ironically, just last month an equestrian friend asked if I made hand sanitizer. She said she used it at the barn daily, but didn't like how it dried her hands out. She was wondering if I made a moisturizing hand sanitizer. So I started experimenting, trying to duplicate the gel type consistency. In order to get the optimum alcohol, anti-viral  and skin moisturizing oils I wanted to add, the blend became thinner and more suitable as a spray. I decided to omit the usual aloe gel and replaced it with botanical oils that have germ fighting, protective and moisturizing attributes. The result is a light weight, fast drying spray that leaves a very subtle moisturizing coating on your skin. Once the alcohol evaporates, you're left with a fresh, slightly minty herbal aroma and smooth, clean, healthy hands. Each ounce provides over 200 squirts. With 3+ good squirts per application, that equates to over 60 applications per ounce. So don't let the size fool you! God bless!