Devynn's Blog Post About Mary's Botanicals From The Blue-Eyed-Equestrian

March 28, 2018
I was originally introduced to Mary’s Botanicals over a year ago at American Horse Products in San Juan Capistrano. I was checking out and as most stores do, they have a few small products placed on the checkout counter. Obviously, stores do this to entice you to purchase other items, so they place it right in front of you to ponder about while waiting in line. I fell into that very smart trap. I ride in my helmet every day and sometimes for hours a day, so of course, after awhile, it gets gross, smelly, and very sweaty. I saw this little spray bottle on the counter titled “boot and helmet”. I read the bottle and was very interested in its odor eliminating, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal features so I added it to my pile of items to be bought. I spray my schooling helmet after every ride. After using it for a while and falling in love with the smell and how well it works I then bought another to put in my show trunk for Lady Midnight. If you’re unaware, Lady Midnight is the name of my GPA First Lady. Yes, I named my helmet and surprise surprise, after a book.
Even though it is a Boot AND Helmet spray, I forgot it could be used on boots because I loved it so much for my helmet. It wasn’t until I ran into an issue with my brand new Parlantis that I was reminded it could be used on boots as well. Having the spray on hand was very convenient. If you know me in real life then you know I’ve basically had nothing but bad luck when it comes to tall boots. I had a bunch of problems with two different pairs of EGO 7 boots and although I loved them comfort wise, the fact that they kept breaking on me at every show was beyond impractical. I then switched brands and was lucky enough to purchase some Parlantis during a Black Friday sale. I know so many people who just raved about them and I was super excited to receive mine! My first time wearing them was at Thermal 2017, a few days into the show I noticed these weird back dots on the inside of my boots. I was really confused as to what it was. Each passing day it got worst. I’ve always been careful of letting my sweaty boots dry before putting them in the boot bag to let the stench from my feet air out of them. I didn’t really understand what these spots were, once it got even worst I then realized it was mold. The inside of my brand new Parlantis molded. If something can go wrong with a pair of tall boots it’s bound to happen to me. I have never had any pair of boots or shoes mold before and I really didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t until the end of one of my show days when I was spraying my helmet did my Mom remind me that the spray is for boots as well. I began spraying them on the insides of my boots too. I do it after every time I ride in them and the spray helped tremendously. While the spots are still there they have not gotten worse but actually have gotten a bit better since I began using the Mary’s Botanicals Boot and Helmet spray on them.
I’m not sure about you but once I try a product and decide I like it, I often check out other products by the same company. Something that I’m obsessed with is Chapstick. I have one on my dresser in my room, in my truck, in my show backpack, in my normal going places backpack, in my camera bag, and in the pocket of the vest that I wear all the time. I saw that Mary’s Botanicals made a chapstick and I knew I had to try it. Of course, I loved it. It smells so good, makes your lips feel soft, and give you that nice little tingle! It’s probably my favorite chapstick ever and I’m not just saying that. My Mom and I fight over them all the time because she’s always stealing mine. One of my habits, while I ride, is licking my lips excessively. I’m not sure why I think its a concentration thing for me. I frequently see photos of myself with my tongue out, I don’t actually stick my tongue out I’m just in the middle of licking my lips. Doing that makes my lips very chapped so it’s always nice to have a good chapstick/lip balm handy to put on after my rides!  I highly recommend picking up some “Peppermint Lip Balm” from Mary’s Botanicals, it also has UV sun protection factors in it which are great for my fair-skinned self!
Another Mary’s Botanicals product that I really enjoy is one for my horses; the fly spray. I sadly do not have any pictures of it in action because I used the rest of it at the end of summer and luckily the flys haven’t been too bad so I haven’t purchased more yet. It works very well! Fly spray is something I’m always iffy about trying new brands because there are so many out there that you waste your money on only for them to not work. Very pleased that I did not waste my money by buying Fly Spray from Mary’s Botanicals. It keeps my boys fly free and happy, not to mention it smells amazing unlike most fly sprays so it keeps them smelling nice too!
Other products from Mary’s Botanicals that I’d really like to try in the near future is the All in One Leather Conditioner and Cleaner, the Bit Stick, the Muscle Spray for both myself and my horses, and the Hoof Spray.